This rumor seems to have been cleared

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This rumor seems to have been cleared

This rumor seems to have been cleared. Shiatzy Chen will not be the designers, since it was launched in November, although H & M’s wiki page is still pointed out that the brand will be the next designer collaboration, I think it is like a like Kylie Minogue and they Madonna made a collection of capsules. If so burberry Sunglasses , this is very interesting, because cool, we’ll just wait until it’s the H & M! Confirmed that this morning I got my Facebook link to a new H & M on Nov. designers provocative new video page link, a lot of speculation, the designers Thomas Meyer, a German-born designer who is , the current director of Bottega Veneta’s creative design. However, the H & M’s difficult to make when you think of another designer who is a woman with a video! Some people self-confidence for Caroline Herrera for women . I I’m not sure.

There may be two designers series, one for women and men ! I’m just confused now Burberry Scarves , this guessing game is good! September 9, designers will be announced in the future. I can not wait to see! Check out the trailer after the jump and began to speculate that, if the rumor is true.  For the H & M Lanvin updated February 9, 2010: ! Recognized for H & M Lanvin’s men and women Burberry Women Hoodies ! Matt and Nat design and production, the company just launched reincarnation. The name is a reincarnation burberry outlet in east london , Sam and Sarah, reincarnation means rebirth Sanskrit play. Matt & Nat collection reflects the signature of Aesthetics: with the construction details and bold styling, such as black, tomato, chocolate brown and the plum color pebble texture. Collection of the patent burberry english flag , so that with its polished, satin gold hardware more bold statement. This new range is not only the production environment and animal welfare considerations, but every dollar donated to charity bags of 1 – to help change the globally.So affect far more than $ 15,000 has been raised will be donated to charity four working issues such as international aid, domestic violence, animal welfare and including adequate, EarthSave, World Animal Protection Association and the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s environmental problems.

However, this will be the general public who will decide how much money to every charity. Anyone can go to Sam sara.org to vote for their choice charity. Voting ends on December 31 midnight. Each new collection, will elect a new charitable organization to receive this donation.samsāra Bi Mate and Nat collect reasonable prices, including bags, wallets Burberry clothing , clutches, belts range. Prices range from $ 40 – one hundred and forty U.S. dollars U.S. dollars, the collection is now available in Canada, will be available after the U.S. mid-term July.

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